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Hello, our names are Guy & Carla Purcella and we want to thank you for stopping by the Grand Junction Naturist & Nudists Website.  We created this website to educate the general public about what the nudists and naturist lifestyle is really about and to encourage you to join our group, the Grand Junction Naturists.   

We also use this page as a portal for those interested in joining our group.  Our group is primarily based out of the area of Grand Junction will will and I willand surrounding areas, but members live all over the state of Colorado and Eastern Utah.   The group is also open to anyone who visits this area and would like to participate in nudist activities or to those just looking for someplace to learn about the amazing nudist lifestyle. 

For more information about our group in general, please click the link HERE.



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Thanks to all the visitors to our site.  Since the TV interviews and newspaper articles came out about our World Naked Gardening Day, we have received many new visitors interested in learning who we are and why they may want to join us & we thank you.  The clothing optional lifestyle is not for everyone as many can't lose the shame that society has taught them to feel when without clothes, but for the rest, we hope you will join us and try this lifestyle, you'll be amazed at the incredible feeling you get when you shed the burden of your clothes and enjoy nature as it was meant to be.

If you have other questions, feel free to drop us a line at GJ Naturists 

NEW - 1.15.2013, Guy & Carla have started a blog at: http://ournudistlife.blogspot.com/ .  Here we will be blogging about our lifestyle, in particular, our nudist lifestyle and some of the things we love about it, experiences we've had, why we think nudism is a great lifestyle, and much much more.  Please subscribe to stay notified of each new blog as we post them, along with photos and more.


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